Dappy makes the wrong move..

N Dubz star Dappy has made a formal apology to a Radio 1 listener the other day. Dappy was seemingly taken back by radio 1 listener ‘Chloe’s comment that N Dubz music is not that great, which was her opinion. After the interview it was said that Dappy was able to get onto the radio stations system and get ‘Chloe’s number, which he then sent ‘threatening texts’ which included ” Your Gonna Die”. He has apologised, especially after his group were going into a ‘Anti-Bullying Campaign’ who the campaign advisors themselves see his actions as ‘Unacceptable’. There recently has been alot of talk around N dubz especially Dappy previously Spitting in a fans face late last year and constant wear  of baggy jeans. Dappy needs to be careful because bad publciity is NOT good publicity.


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