How Valuable Are Accessories?

How valauble are Accessories?. If we leave our house’s without a scarf, a watch, a certain ring or even the right colour bag is that wrong?. How accessorized do we NEED to be in life to be noticed or seen as to have TASTE.  As always stated ‘Fashion is always changing’ and so is our desire to carry or wear the right accessorie with our day to day garments. In the most recent years it seems the most common accessorie to wear is a scarf, but not just any. We now have items called ‘Snoods’ which originated as a hat that woman wore many years ago. But like fashion somethng from nothing is re-created and given a twist, which in these terms is the NEW ‘Snood’ which is a scarf feature and not a hat.  It is an all in one scarf which does not have an end to it. It has to be said if you honestly asked yourself how long it takes you to get ready Woman statistically would say ‘Accesorising themselves is so key’ that it could make or break that dress their wearing.

In terms of Males the whole masculinity stage is still apparent but we will now from time to time throw a scarf around our necks on, make sure we are wearing a watch that goes along with our colour pattern of garments or is a stylish watch itself. But were we thinking like this only a few years ago. Was NOT having an accessorie on such a major factor. Well right now in our day and age it seems Accessories are the BE ALL and END ALL. It gives you that extra or different look from others around you. WHATS YOUR OPINION?


A Man Bag from ‘ H by HQ Harris’ (Above) and a Burgundy watch from  ‘Uniform’ (Middle)


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