‘LOGO’S, fashionable or Non-fashionable?

Are Designer Brands or even Streetwear brand logos Cheap or Stylish?

This is something that came up in a conversation with several other fashionaires and escalated into an interesting discussion. I gather everyone understands that especially the bigger high street brands, us as consumers of their garments are ‘Walking Advertisement’ due to the fact its a T.shirt that says ‘Gucci’. This is the same for streetwear brands across the UK but obviously not as established although very eye catching.

Now it has to be said this is NOT to disregard having logos on a garment because aslong as its not got too much going on it stands out well for that day to day casual look. Its now to look further than the logo, the quality, fitting and design of that garment you are wearing to be seen as a good designer, Agree?.

Lets think about it, you could have a great logo but poor fit T.shirt are people gonna really buy into your brand if they cant even feel good in it?. There are different types of consumers aswell when it comes to purchasing garments. 1). Love garments with logos, they feel apart of the scene and wealty 2). The total opposite strictly garments more on the fitting and design 3). Dont matter what it is aslong as it looks good feels good simple. WHAT NUMBER WOULD YOU SAY YOU ARE?

Overall designing is not easy especially that it is a continous affair in an ever so changing fashion industry. Its the undersatnding were people get it wrong and in the long-term will showcase those established brands from those short term. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS….


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