Three of UK’S trade shows Pure, Label and Margin all took place  this week gone with aspiring brands hoping to catch the eye of both UK and Overseas buyers. The outlook for 2010 after all the analysis and official government notices the economic crisis is coming to its end, is still volatile for many retailers. Only last week the media was full of heart-breaking figures that 50 per cent of fashion independents in Britain’s smaller towns are considering or forced to close their businesses. The costly trade shows can be a deterrent for brands who are struggling to keep their heads above water, as stands at some shows can cost upwards of £7,500.

Although for that cost you could be looking at over 10,000 buyers at Pure/Label attend and it has been calculated that atleast 65% have buying power. That ratio is nearly at 3/4.

Label - London's trend-led platform for men's and women's fashion

I mean the demand for more emerging brands with unique or distinctive products is forever growing. UK stores are reacting positively and are upping their budgets for new brands compared to SS10. You even had an italian and spanish brands showcase at Margin London this year, hoping to gain some exposure. On the other hand it is a fair bit to get a place at theses shows hoping that a buyer will definetly appreciate your brand and see an eye for it. If you feel you spend alot of money in getting a place at these trade shows alot of brands tend to skip London and go International which has to be said if done right will in turn help dictate the UK market. Does being in a Trade Show gurantee placement in stores? or even serious buyers?

Overall it could be the strength of London Fashion Week which attracts more press and buyers as well as that the British Fashion Council are again re-budgeting to help more fashion brands set up. WHATS YOUR THOUGHTS?


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