Inspiration – Basso & Brooke

When you talk about designs, colours, material, inspiration from the Japanese notion of flow, laws and metrics of their unique aesthetic,” explained the designers of their influence, The Tale of Genji, a story offering insight into the spirit and grandeur of the Heian era of Japan.

(New Yorks, Andre J interviews Basso & Brooke)

Year after year , collection after collection Basso & Brooke continually come out with the most superb designs which are woven constructions either on a silky jersey or the body is embraced with digital print work emphasising butterflies, waves and Japanese caligraphy. London Fashion Week is undoubtably 1 of the top 3 fashion weeks every year with over 50,000 buyers attending with force and with designers like Basso & Brooke now been around for nearly 7 years this is what London Fashion Week stands for. The following video talks about their inspiration as individuals and together and how they put those visions into work. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO (above)


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