Friday Night Jonathan Ross – Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa (Pic:Rex)

The outfit Akon’s top selling artist will be wearing on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross Tonight. It has been said that Lady Gaga again changes her outfit another 2 times (what a woman) aswell as performs her new single ‘Telephone’ hence I would say the rather outrageous telephone hat on her head (good promotion). Reports say her interview with Friday Night king Mr Ross was more of a serious interview due to the death of 1 of fashions strongest innovators and beloving friend of Gaga’s ‘Alexander Mcqueen’. She talks on how much he inspired her vision for future success.

I do look forward to this interview tonight and expect to maybe see a different side of Gaga which people still may not believe. Amongst all the outrageous music videos, award winnings and outfits she is human and has feelings, those feelings seem to be lonely at this current moment in time. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS


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