Malaysia – Shoe Festival

Truthfully I always thought there was 1 of these but in every country or something but yes there is a Shoe Festival withsome very high end brands showcasing of their new seasons in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. Shoe fashionistas across the world congregate at the Putra World Trade Centre April 2nd – 4th for a showcase full of local, traditional and International footwear.

Personally love Male footwear and actually a keen admirer of ladies footwear, but my word they have a ‘festival’ for it!. I dont see any trainer, shoe festival anywhere. There will be one soon though I can feel it.

Anyway malaysians fantastic shoe designer ‘Jimmy Choo’ will be 1 of the profound names in attendance for both days. He will be showcasing 10 of his most innovationg pieces followed by a seminar discussion. With this shoe festival in place Malaysia are deifnetly putting themselves on the map in terms of a foundation when it comes to shoes. There will be other malaysian designers showcasing so ladies if your really into shoes I say gather the girls and take a trip to Malaysia. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS


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