Gucci – Pop Up Store in Covent Garden

This has been talked about being done by the International Brand since last year and now finally it is coming to London, oh yes. From April 22nd, the Gucci Pop Up store will open for three weeks at Covent Garden’s Seven Sials. The store will carry 17 exclusive sneaker styles from their “icon temporary” collection, 15 men’s and 2 women’s styles, plus the Mark Ronson collaboration which will be exclusive to London. It has been called the ‘Gucci Ronson’ with some exclusive packaging with each item purchased.

We are surely gonna see some exclusive stuff and you may have to make that one good purchase for the wardrobe people. This Pop Up store started in New York and then moved to Miami recieving numerous amount of reviews. It was so good they said London was the next stop and Tokyo thereafter. I know were I will be on April 22nd with strictly a card with me. Will you be attending? or are you not a fan of Gucci footwear? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS


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