Pugh – New Creative Director for A.McQueen?!

Gareth Pugh who recently showcased his fine art of work at this years Paris Fashion Week has been approached by the Alexander McQueen’s team to come on board and format as the new Creative Director. This specualtion has been disregarded supposingly with immediate effect. Gareth Pugh’s PR told reports that “He has not even been in contact with Gucci themselves and nothing has been planned to in the near future”.

Like Alexander McQueen, Pugh stands for alot with his creations so it can be understood why they would be going for him as first choice, but sadly this will not be the case. If Pugh did take the throne I think it would be phenomenal in terms of design creations, although would he see eye to eye with Gucci on how they may want to implement things. Thats one of the reason I believe he has not taken up the offer, PPR who are the company in charge of McQueen’s brand who hold a 51% stake hold. With such a big hold of things and Pugh’s creativity which can be described as very loud and eccentric both parties seemingly have two different ideas which may clash. So it looks like its back to the drawing board for the Gucci Group on finding someone as good if not better to fill lets be honest some hefty boots. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS


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