Madonna – A New Venture with Fashion

The multi grammy winning artist, rock n roller and book wriiter has now seen a venture into fashion it seems. I personally have not seen Madonna as too much of a fashion icon but it seems the Iconix Brand Group who currently have acquistions like Rocawear, Ed Hardy and Echo just to name a few have a different vision.  They have decided to call the brand ‘MG Icon’ whereby Madonna herself will have a 50% share of the company. It seems this venture is on both parties vision, the Iconix Brand Group state that Madonna’s name, face and overall aura is going to have a massive influence on the brands look and future. Madonna in similar fashion states this opportunity is a great one that she can not let by pass her. Her visions for fashion can now become real and be exposed not only in the USA but nationally.

Well as you can see another fashion and music venture but how long or successful will it be is another story. Is this purely done just for Madonna’s detierating career to bounce back but with a twist or will this be such a huge success that other musicians follow in her footsteps. LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS.


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