John Galliano – Fashion Fringe

Yes the Intenationally acclaimed John Galliano has been approached by the hard working team at Fashion Fringe in becoming their new honoury chairperson. Galliano has been at the forefront of fashion for now over 20 years and so his role within such a project was inevitable.

Fashion Fringe was launched 7 years ago in the heart of london, Covent Garden whereby there has always been numerous of projects produced and conducted around that area in terms of fashion. For 2010 Fashion Fringe will be sticking with its ususal focus to discover, nurture those talented designers and sustain the level of ability across the UK. The project has been a success with over 14 designers being launched from this sort of project. With Galliano’s acquirement he has stated his vision to find individuals that have a pssion for creating more than the ordinary, not afraid to experiment and believe in their product just how he was when he first started.  So if you feel you got what it takes April 30th is closure get onto


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