Akon – Release’s ‘Konvict Fragrance’

Five times Grammy nominee singer Akon is clawing his way deeper into the fashion and fragrance industry. Akon has finally released his newest fragrance titled “Konvict”. Although a lot of cynical remarks seem to sprout up regarding the name, the fragrances seem to be on point for both genders.

The fragrance for men, Konvict Homme, has the mix of bergamot, lemon, sandalwood and cedar, which blend nicely into a fresh and masculine scent. The ladies scent, Konvict Femme, leans towards a fruitier scent with fresh lemon, mandarin, vanila and almond musk to last from dusk ’til dawn.

The mix I cant lie sounds sexy but until I get a sample smell myself I wont make early judgments on it. The design of the fragrance is something you would of expected due the name, what do you think? Other than Lady Gaga can Akon again recieve some serious money in take from this new venture? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS


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