Bristol Fashion Week – Trends

I personally did not Bristol ever had a fashion week but there you have it.

Top TV Stylist Mark Heyes and Celebrity hairdresser Andrew Barton ran through the new season’s high street trends.

Military is a huge trend on the high street and looks like it will continue through the summer. However, not that vintage-esque, scruffy military look of the winter, but a smarter, cleaner version. With boots being more polished and brogue like, worn with a suit or waxed, drain pipe jeans.

Military coats are adopting a flash of brightly coloured velvet. And buttons, lots of buttons, buttons everywhere. I actually have one of the coats that were shown, and as much as I love it, it has 26 buttons (nightmare). Jackets have also acquired tails for this season, which look very circus, Night at the Carnyville like

Other trends shown was the digital T-Shirt and this always seems to pop up so if you aint got atleast one digital T-Shirt you may want to go shopping now for one. Worn very well with a casual everyday look and still makes you look neat aswell. Overall the showcase was alright it seems in terms of trends, but as always high streets have to think fashion forward. Reason being this is seen as an alternative for consumers to purchase their goods from rather than the Alexander Mcqueens and John Galliano’s.

Spring/Summer looks like its gonna be a natural look this year but wit a twist. That twist is the way you wear that itm of clothing and if it suits your persona and physique. Jutst becasue its a great garment does not mean it looks great on you, think first and try then buy. The days of just pickingup items of clothing and walking out without trying it on are slowly vanishing due to the different cuts and fits available.


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