Rocawear Boots – Ladies Hit or Miss?

Well it has to be said Rocawear rake in the money. In 3 months it has been said that Rocawear due to Jay-Z’s iconix brand wearing made over $18million U.S Dollars. Yep thats alot and now with this profit being made they are definetly not stopping. They have Shirts, Jackets and some new quite sublimnal T.Shirts being produced heres 1 of them (below).

BIG IS GOD? What is that actually suppose to mean or what thinking went into producing such a slogan hmmmm. Well now onto these Knee high boots ladies. Now truthfully, with that pattern they do look like something Gucci’s made but at the footwear part they turn into some cowgirl looking boots. Personally I would’nt purchase them for my misse’s.



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