Basso & Brooke – Uzbekistan Fashion Prints

These guys never seem to amaze me with each and every one of their products to date!. With a continous array of fashion print work and with different textiles used they have now broadened their horizons to ‘Uzbekistan’  near Iran to make some more vibrant and surreal digital prints. The Basso & Brooke aesthetic is based on complex digital prints combining to create a fabric-based fashion statement. Over the past two years the British Council’s Architecture, Design, Fashion department have developed a programme of New Silk Road events in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

In October 2009 Basso and Brooke spent ten days on a research tour of Uzbekistan which coincided with Uzbek Fashion Week. During their tour they spent three days working with weavers at the Yodgorlik Silk Mill in the Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan. They were joined by Ruth Greanly, textile designer at Woven Studio, who worked with Basso & Brooke to design black and white Ikat prints which have been produced exclusively for them. NEW PRINTS WILL BE SHOWCASED JUNE 14TH

Love the fact that they travel and research to create their artwork which inspires them to put different ideas together that is Basso & Brooke. WHAT YOUR THOUGHTS


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