Footwear – Gourmet Quatrro Skate

Yes these are nice. With some neat 3 quarter lenghts and a nice White tee with a strong print either screen or digital will go down well for a casual summer look. We alwayas bring you the latest on footwear and these pairs of Gourmet are no different.

Lux loafer brand Gourmet features its very first skate shoes, the Quattro Skate that was initially presented as a teaser weeks back.  The sneakers’ sleek look compensates well enough for a skateboard shoe and the neat lines Gourmet brand is known for still remain in its overall design.  The Gourmet Quattro Skate comes in colors of neatly white and black with white soles that are reinforced with collar padding and an Ollie-proof suede toe guard.  For the majority of the shoe body, premium tumbled leather has been used with icy soles for the white pair and white rubber for the black pair.  Overall feel of this Quattro Skate has been reinforced for friendliness in the skating world and the classy branding is a nice stroke as well with regard to aesthetic and sophistication.


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