Streetwear Focus – N4E1

Others may have came up with sophisticated names for their brand. But N4E1 is one of a kind and really ‘Not For Everyone’. Living up to its name and reputation, N4E1 specializes in contemporary premium apparel for you. There season range this year can be described as:

“This season is just the beggining of what we consider pushing the limits of reshaping modern fashion. We don’t set inspiration for our seasons, we just keep trying to push the boundaries of meticulous detail work, and functionality. We are heavily influenced by music, because its a perfect example of self expression, and thats what we do with N4E1.. its all about individuality and how you wear it out”.

American Actor – Lance Gross

Celebs from Drake, Nas, Jay Sean, Sean Paul, to Soulja boy reppin the brand.. With them recently opening their first concept shop in Hong Kong, whcich in turn captured a wide range of the dopest celebs, and media attention. Some v.nice stuff from these guys 4 years worth of hardwork. Overall when I look at the American Streetwear market and the UK’s, how far off are we really product wise? Or are you not a fan of what they do over in the USA?



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