VA-G – Sneak Peak SS10 Collection Pics!

Whats going on people hope your all well. We are still tired from Streetfest yesterday which has to be said was an event of its KIND, but theres no rest for the wicked and we  at VA-G’S World like to keep you our loyal fans across the UK and Europe  constantly informed. The event had everything from skaters, music, art drawers and fashion all under 1 roof for 1 day only. If you wanna see how that went check out our post on’ VA-G – Streetfest 010 update’.

As you will see from the pictures we have Likle P, real name (Patrick Asante) one third of Nu Brand Flex modelling some of our new range Tee’s in and Sophie Leanne who has just recently been selected for Choice the Stores campaign across the UK from one of our affiliated stylist Simone Karma Rae (may it be said one of the very best around).

As you can see we try to keep it simple but effective. Everything from location, design on Tee and models chosen is picked for a reason. Many more PICTURES to come plus VIDEO FOOTAGE. All Tee’s will be available on our NEW WEBSITE very soon with more colourways.


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