VA-G – Streetfest 010′ Update!

In this picture (left) Simone Karma Rae the brains that works closely with us at VA-G in terms of styling and more and Vidal Bull (right) one half of the Creative Director Duo @ VA-G HQ. On the day aswell it has to be said Miss Karma Rae (posh name) also showed us her selling techniques by lurng a numrous amount of customers and making sure VA-G’ brand awareness was second to none. She knows her help is always appreciated.

As stated in our previous post we are still a bit tired from Streetfest 010 the other day @ the Streetfest Market in Shoreditch but fashion does not stop for anyone. We met and was introduced to many different people from the UK and Europe who were all interested in the brand and our ongoings. The likes of Daily Street, Adidas, J. Commuication (French Fashion Consultancy) and Peridot Dancers just to name a few (they bought out the shop, lol).


All in all the whole day started @ 8am for us and ended @ 1am, but we can’t complain. The response was superb and we couldnt ask for it to have gone better, everyone really liked out VA-G Plaque shot.Not only did we have people travel down from outer london to purchase some goods but consumers from Europe really appreciated our Cut n Sew wear which now is on its last legs.

This pretty much finished our wholeday nicely. Adidas PR saw our brand and garments and really liked what we were working with. So much that they showed Mr Hudson (right) and so we conversated about fashion and how much he appreciates looking good both on a casual day but performing aswell. He described his love for the brand and lets just say he is 1 of our number 1 supporters. Thank you to all attendees and for those that missed out, make sure you do not miss out next year.


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