Converse – Japan Summer Release’s

If you are a fan of the Converse low cut and Chuck Taylor, then you would surely go gaga over this pic. Look at this upcoming design collection for the said series under the brand Converse. Yes, it would another set of sneakers to be released for a brand new month. It is called new drops from Converse Japan.

I am quite sure you are already familiar with which models to expect from Converse Japanese syndicate. However, some applications are made different with every series being introduced. The drops last month for one were made with a wide range of looks that are monochromatic.

But now they are said to be sticking with what is only ‘simple’, ideal for the summer of 2010. They only came up with a number of two to three-toned appeal along with some tri-colored prints of leopard design. So once all these are released, why don’t you try choosing already what you like best.


One comment

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