P Diddy – What does he not do?

Mr Sean Combs, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Diddy, P Diddy, I mean whatever you want to call him he is who he is. From solely focusing on music many years ago, it has to be said that P Diddy’s venture as an individual is incredible and is now seen more as a Brand because he has his hands in so many pots. The Empire is forever growing with his latest addition being… wait for it.. a Bedding Collection. Yes you may not see him up close but you can sleep on his bedding.

He then has his latest movie coming out for release very soon called ‘ Get him to the Greek’ which Diddy has described as partly influenced by his current lifestyle but at the same time over exageratted at certain points to showcase what life at the top can feel or seem to be and how to handle the pressure. From seeing several snippets of the Number 1 Box Office Comedy currently in America its looks OK in terms of storyline and acting. Film also includes UK Comedian ‘Russell Brand’.

Last but not least he has now Officially launched his Pop up store which if you view our previous post on Gucci’s Pop Up Store and Y3’s Pop Up Store this is very common now with fashion brands.

On Friday, June 4th, 2010, Sean John opened their second sustainable and earth friendly pop-up store in Los Angeles, CA. The first pop-up store was built in Miami, and this second store is reusing many of the same fixtures that were used in the first one. The store, made of recycled wood and metal, is just one of Sean John’s many upcoming projects that take focus on the brand’s perception of the future.

Sean John also presented an installation of sustainable furniture and art by Jason Horvath and Aakash Nihalani in the store. Stop by and check Sean John’s Spring/Summer and early Fall 2010 collections, and also splurge on the brand’s sunglasses, fragrance and many more. You can also get an exclusive specially designed selvedge denim and knit capsule collection that are only available at the SHOP FUTURE pop up shop. And get this: spend $150 or more, and you’re entitled to get a pair of tickets to a private screening of Diddy’s upcoming flick: “Get Him to the Greek” on Monday, June 14th.


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