BFC x VA-G: Fashion in the UK

You have to understand that fashion is forever changing and its market is forever growing. Taking this into consideration we always try to stay ahead of our Research in fashion across the board from Style, Trend, Colours and more which is very essential for our own brand and artwork release’s each and everytime. Therefore we recieved a great opportunity to have a meeting with the people behind big names like, Christopher Kane, Richard Nicoll, Matthew Williamson and many more.

This meeting entailed a discussion on our brand and were we are looking to take it, where and what we have achieved in a short space of time, which may it be said from the words of the Head of NEWGEN (Topshop) campaign:

“Your hard work shows in your design structure and this is only the beginning for you guys

We then further went onto who currently is doing well in business and what NEWGEN scheme stand for aswell. We have our up and coming VA-G Documentary Part 2, which entails Our Sneak Peak Collection Shoot, Streetfest Event, BFC meeting and more.


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