CLAE Footwear – Mcqueen Color

Majority of you would definitely agree that CLAE released some amazing products to be a part of their spring/summer 2010 collection. These sneakers were the Romare, the Zissou, and the Whitman that would surely catch anyone’s eye in a great combination of colors and materials.

Here we have a preview of the CLAE’s fall/winter collection for 2010 in the form of a McQueen color. This specific CLAE McQueen is really ideal for the said season which will soon be released.

Persoanlly a fan of these with it’s charcoal grey for its wool material that serves as the base of the sneakers. It is spread out throughout the toe area, the collar, and the side panels.

To give it a nice contrast for the texture, you can see some charcoal grey suede on the panel of the heel, the panel of the lace and the tab of the heel. It has some complimenting features too which include the grey laces and inner lining.



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