Louboutin Sneaker Fall/Winter 010′

Christian Louboutin has been a celebrity favorite footwear. With the launch of their crazy cool studded sneakers last year, Louboutins are not anymore women’s domain. Pharrell Williams and Swizz Beatz are among the male celebs who have gone mad about the studded beauties. Swizzy has even made a Louboutin-inspired jacket line which is rumored to be launched real soon. We have spoken about Louboutin previously in several other posts and with another exciting launch here we go again.

From what we’ve seen, the new collections seem to be more… whimsical. There’s more than just studs this time, brace yourself for animal prints, glitters, suede and louder colors. We think it’s rather clear now that bringing Louboutin’s signature red-colored sole is much more difficult to implement in mens footwear, so the designer brought the reds on top of the shoes.  In a strange but great way, it works real well with the studs!  Christian Louboutin didn’t stop at the reds as you can also find tiger-ochre, purple glitter and some winter-ish grays for the more conservative guys who want a piece of the flyness without going too edgy.

Pharell rocking some signature pair with the Red sole and heres a few more from the collection:

Personal fav : (below)


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