Cargo Tradeshow (New York)

There ar many Tradeshows in and around the UK and Nationwide. I have always thought it was a good idea to explore and see not only what other brands are out there, but how their tradeshows run.

Calling all Street Wear shoppers and enthusiasts! The Cargo Tradeshow and Shopper’s Delight has come again -been a long time since January, and you can get updated on what’s hot and sizzling in lifestyle fashion, art and music. The bi-annual independent trade show and shopping event will hit New York, July 19 and 20, 2010, with a 2nd anniversary celebration.

This time around, Cargo will present a well-edited selection of sportswear and streetwear apparel and accessories, original artwork and music for you, tastemakers. If you’re working in retail, or simply just can’t afford it to be behind on all things fashionable, come see and get the works of emerging and established designers alike. This July, the tradeshow adds visual artists and a live DJ line up to expand your lifestyle pop-up shop experience.

Cargo Tradeshow and Shopper’s Delight will not be only about the shoppers, because business owners have the chance to show off their creations.


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