NEW Supra Belay

These are a must purchase!!.

Supra is one brand that has definitely taken its place in the skating world by storm with just a tiny amount of time. From being an unknown brand to complete stardom, they were able to reach the heights, as if everything was done overnight. They have a huge line of signature shoe models but recently they have been constantly changing their line of non-signature skating shoes. For this year, the Clutter and the Assault have already been introduced to be a part of the Supra Spring 2010 Collection. But we will focus today on the new Supra Belay

Theres so far 4 colorways but my favourite colors that i will be purchasing are;


With some nice neat three quarters preferably denim cut fit and a nice short sleeve shirt, ripped tee or v neck top and your outfit for the day is complete.

Many Supra fans might compare this to a thinner version of the Cuban which could be a good comparison. It will feature a very sleek and low cut design which would somehow serve as a very casual slip on shoes. There are four colorways that will cover it but the official release date is still unavailable.



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