Reebok x EA7 by Emporio Armani

When a mighty collaboration happens between a sneaker company and a fashion icon company, the results are utterly mighty as well. Usually, it happens to be very good or very bad – this means in definite extremities. But these ones we will surely place in the good types. Reebok has recently worked together with EA7 which is the active lifestyle wear or sports wear of Emporio Armani. The result? Well here comes a series of very capable sneakers that exude of great style. Its official name is the Reebok x EA7 by Emporio Armani Sneaker Collection.

I mean personally im an average fan to Reebok footwear but these are ok, if your into that whole sporty feel and look, whereas im into my more casual and neat look so these would not suit me. But I can see the target market for these. Also comes in an all black.

There will be lots of types here in this series with each being different from the last. Its features will be highlighted on its pump technology and midfoot guards. There will also be the EA7 brand right on the side panel of the sneakers. These will be up for sale by August at selected retailers of Emporio Armani and Reebok.



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