VA-G x Melanie Fiona (talent)

So we got invited down to Jazz Cafe the other day for US Sensation Melanie Fiona’s gig and this was a performance. We have mentioned it on Twitter before that as a musician you can make all the music you want and provide the best vocals on it, but when it comes to a LIVE Performance, if you can not deal with the pressure or really step upto the plate its a long  journey to success in my opinion.

Vidal Bull (Creative Dir VA-G Ltd) & Melanie Fiona

Well for Melanie Fiona its a short journey her performance was immense it has to be said. From R&B to reggae style to a some what sow blues styl, she trew in the works. After her performance w et up with her and she described her loe for fashion and so VA-G is stocked inher wardrobe for the forseable future. With footage to follow she states who he she thinks in the Music Indstry is doing it right now and what the word Trend means to her.


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