Prep Boy Look – Hit or Miss

Summer was here then escapes from time to time but people are still starting to focusing on their summer style and looks they want to be achieved over the high summer. Whatever your personal style is, have you considered the Americana trend inspired preppy look? This classic look has been around forever but each year it gets a new twist. It is a comfortable but elegant look which utilises many of the key pieces and colours for this summer, whilst allowing you to modify it easily for your personal tastes.

This theme of clothing originates to the East coast American style of dress that was popular amongst men in the 1980′s. It’s also got links to the ‘Ivy league’ style of dressing which was big amongst the wealthier and more educated, such as the guys that went to Harvard and Yale who wore those single breasted suits which dominated the fashion scene in 1957/8.

Luckily for us, nowadays you don’t have to be posh to wear preppy clothes. The vast range of clothes available make it an easily accessible trend. It’s all about bright chinos, tailored blazers, and baseball jackets. This trend is wearable, comfortable and stylish. The perfect summer look.


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