Do you dress for your body type?

It was something I was thinking the other day as we are all individuals with not only different styles but different body shapes therefore some things we may like in turn may not actually suit us. Although it is funny when you are on the streets and you see someone shall we say ‘forcing’ and item of clothing they know and you know they really shouldnt be wearing due to the way it looks on them.

This post kind of brings altogether some of my previous post on Prep Boy Look and Latest chinos available.

(Above) Chinos are a must-have this summer, and they will take you through all the seasons depending on what you pair them with. Jeans are far too hot for the lovely weather we are having, and sometimes shorts aren’t to everyone’s taste. Chinos are a perfect way to stay cool but still look smart and sophisticated this season, and the great part is… they look great on tall guys. So how do we pull off the chino and how do we adapt them to our body type? Well chinos often come in bold, solid colours and are great to pair with a neutral tee or any of the other looks I discussed in Part One. Give them a few turns at the bottom (roll don’t fold) to create a tapered, on-trend effect. This is also great for breaking up the contours of our legs. The rolled-up effect creates a break at the ankles and stops the trousers from flowing seamlessly into the shoes, which would create a very lanky look and make our feet seem out of proportion.

Wear sock-less in summer and pair with a set of espadrilles or boat shoes for that perfect relaxed summer look – I will discuss shoes in more detail later on. Sometimes with chinos (as with brightly coloured skinny jeans) a bold colour can look a little too harsh on the eye as there is a lot of material on show. To avoid this, still go for a bold colour, but opt for a muted tone or distressed effect to still create an impact, but for all the right reasons

Unless you are a complete anti-shorts activist, I am sure that every man will wear at least one pair of shorts this summer. They are a perfect solution to the hot weather but can often look weird or out of proportion if we don’t get the fit or length right for our body. So first off: length. The length of the short is essential to the overall proportion of our body. If the shorts are too long and too baggy then we are once again faced with that tent-pole effect, and if they are too short and half-way up our thigh (although a lot of guys do this to make a statement) our legs can look way too long, lanky and unattractive.

So I would say the perfect length is just above the knees, or just below for a slightly baggier fit. As with t-shirts, I dislike the look of an open, baggy short flapping around on tall guys – it makes them look as if they can’t fit into their clothes. Go for a rolled up short just above the knee to create bulk and those all important horizontal lines whilst also emphasising the length of your legs without taking it too far.

You know us and footwear over at VA-G. When you see us if our footwear game aint on point please state and we shall go home and revaluate otherwise please salute!!. 

It’s all very well wearing the perfect piece of trouser-wear, but it will achieve nothing if it is paired with the wrong type of shoes. For a tall and skinny frame, I am going to assume that you have large feet to match. As I have mentioned, if you wear the wrong type of shoes for your body type, you could end up looking like you have clown feet – which is not a good look for anyone (unless of course you are a clown). So what type of shoes fit a tall frame best? Well first of all, stay well clear of pointy-toed shoes; these add length to your feet and can look ridiculous if your feet are already large. Stick to rounded or square-toed shoes and they will give the illusion of in-proportion feet.

Leave the trainers for the gym and stay on trend this summer with a pair of espadrilles or boat shoes. Keep colours subtle and match with items on your top half, rather than your shorts/trousers. We don’t want to bring too much attention to your feet but we also want them to subtly bring the outfit together,



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