Twitter – Brands Broadcast vs Consumers Converse

A new study has revealed that despite more than 100 million registered users and a record 65 million tweets each day, the marketing industry is still failing to capitalize on opportunities to connect with the consumer-tweeter. The whitepaper, Twitter & the Consumer-Marketer Dynamic, produced by digital agency 360i, looks at how consumers and brands are using twitter and analyses how marketers can use the networking tool to create stronger virtual ties with their customers.

Companies tend to talk at people and not with them: 43% of consumer tweets are conversational (@replies to other users); yet only 12% of all marketer tweets demonstrate active dialogue with consumers, signifying that most of them are not tapping Twitter’s full potential; only 1% of consumer tweets that mention a brand are part of a conversation with that brand.

The report continued: “The opportunity for marketers to become part of the conversation remains vast. For example, many brands use the channel to pass along information, but fail to capitalize on opportunities to truly connect with consumers via two-way conversations.”

Sarah Hofstetter of 360i summarised: “Marketers use Twitter to broadcast, while consumers use it to converse.”

I mean does this suggesst that if bigger brands and marketers were to converse with consumers direct this would improve their branding?

It then goes to say, when your such a big brand to converse with those several thousand plus people could lead to long conversations and disagreements this in turn would disregard what twitter for a marketing company is. Which is simple to broadcast a message and inform those people that follow. I think it will always be like that and in a sense thats the best way because twitter is very opinionated. Why should brands converse with several opinions when they have bigger things to look at or is that an enclosed point I have stated? 



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