Zara Online Boutique

Inditex has launched the first online boutique for its best-selling brand Zara. The long-awaited website will begin in Spain, the UK, Portugal, Italy, Germany and France – six countries that are among the most important of the company’s 76 markets. The Zara online service will later be extended to the Americas and Asia, and the format will eventually be adopted by more of the company’s brands, reported the Financial Times.

Some analysts venture that Mr Isla, who has made Inditex the world’s largest apparel retailer by sales since taking the helm five years ago, wanted to concentrate on Asian expansion and cost controls before turning to new sales formats. Others point to relatively low broadband and online buying penetration in the Spanish market, which still accounts for about a third of total group sales.

With its focus on fashion-conscious teenagers and young people, Inditex has long used the internet to promote its various lines and corporate image and is also popular on Facebook, where it has 4.5m fans.
Zara have stated that online seling is not as easy as when person goes in store and can try on the garment, but its another outlet with Online shopping always on the increase.


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