Hundreds Invade NYC

Bobby Hundreds and rest of the crew were doing it up in NYC over Labor Day weekend, to celebrate the opening of the new The Hundreds retail location at 96 Grand Street. The storefront location is the street level of an 1800′s era building. In keeping with the NYC vibe, Bobby decided to leave many of the original architectural aspects intact. The checkered floor and quilted leather display cases, that were added, are congruent with the original styling.

Heres a few pictures:

Bobby Hundreds offered the following commentary:

Maybe I’m just biased, but I am convinced we have the best fans, customers, supporters of any brand, streetwear or not. Our clientele is committed, loyal, respectful, and true. One customer flew in from Dallas to say that the one thing that sets our brand apart from everyone else is that our staff, and the people behind The Hundreds, have manners. But you know what? I can turn that compliment right back around to all of you out there. Respect on all sides.

From this commentary it definetly makes me look at my brand and those that follow us, that honestly support when we have different events and or releases apparent. Fan base can create such a a difference especially the more you grow as a brand.



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