Footwear | Nike Air Stab Collection

Just to add a bit more personalization on Nike iD another classic have been added that is the Nike Air Stab iD the best feature about the air stab range is that it is available in a range of colors. You can also find various underlay graphics and will also have an option to select between patent leather and distressed leather on the upper and will find the same for the laces too.

The Nike Air Stab – Black/White/Varsity Purple/Carmine is an additional shoe that is an element of the “Carmine Pack”. The Nike Air Stab has a bit of faded color on the upper and also has a web toe pack instead of leather upper. Along with the fading effect you will also find mesh inserts on this join up of sneakers.

Nike Air Stab WMNS – Gemini is inspired by the Gemini Zodiac collection. The color scheme of Orange Blaze and Varsity maize is dominant in this pair which was also used on both the Air Stab iD that was introduced earlier. But this pair has an added attraction that of metallic silver toe which add up to its texture. The metallic silver toe gives the pair a loud look which differentiates this pair from the earlier versions. In the ventilation area of the shoe a nice touch is given with the wire mesh.



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