VMA 2010 | Who Wore What?

Ok there was alot of outfits on show at this years VMA 2010 awards, some outraegous ones and some that actually took it very casulal and looked like they just came out to go to the shop, honestly. So heres the breakdown of the say 3 or 4 both males and females that stood out for both the right reasons and wrong. Let me now if you agree or disagree


Well well well what do we have here. Errmm Mr Drake in an all black suit, would you have thought any different I think not. Usual look for the Young Money star, im not sure if he trys to look good or just knows that he aint got swagger. Lets just say Drake next time get Birdman to take you out or something and get some shows that actually match or dont look like you got them from a kiddy shop, designer or no designer.

We have a legend on our left hand side by the name of Usher and his prodigy who has taken the World may it be emphasised by storm, Justin Beiber. Usher must of has something to do with Justins look because I know he aint got any fashion sense and that age. With the simliar look with the blacked out shades, all black kicks/boots and black upper slim fit top or blazer they both do look the part, simple but effective.

Mr Kanye West in the building. Last performance of the night and when I watched it I was impressed with the visuals and yes the red went down very well. With a nice black top and his Rocafella gold chain hanging the balance of colors was well thought and the performance as stated matched it. It seems gradually I wouldnt say people have forgotten about his poor attitude at last years VMA’s but he is focused so much on music and not himself. Although rumour has it Taylor Swift has actually made a tune which is directed at Kanye West, interesting.

I’ ll keep it real short and sweet. What was Will.I.AM thinking?


From top to bottom she blew me away with this one. Hair in tact, dress worn with fluency and well fitted and the lighter to shoes add that balance, Ciara must have had the heads turning at the awards for the right reasons.

I mean Cher your old so what made you think you could even consider dressing up like that. One thing I always say is at times yes you do need to dress your age but still keep it trendy. This is the total opposite and seemed like someone forced her to wear such items.

Katy Perry dress is not bad at all. Compliments her as a person well, with the crossover black onto white vale.

Yes we had to save the best till last. With being the most followed female on twitter and known across the world for her outraegous outfits at any award show, everyone must have been anticipating what would Lady Gaga pull out the wardrobe this time round. Well here you have it. A more food themed tailored outfit with a steak it is believed on the top of her head. I’l  just leave it at that because we could go on forever about the 8 VMA Award winning artist. 


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