London Fashion Week | Day 1 & 2

Ok so London Fashion week started on September 17th and my its been an ispirational one this year round and have met up  and spoken to some very focused and successful fashionaires within the UK Fashion Industry.

We started off at an event called Once Upon a Time, which was held by Fashion TV and Hauser Bears Charity @ Bloomsbery Ballroom, hosted by Gail Porter.

The showcase a variety of collections and accessories from a range of designers including David & Goliath, Florian Jayet, Loulou Bontemps (good friend) , Nichole de Carle and Tour de Force.

All collections were different in terms of what was made i.e Nicole de Carle showcased high end lingerie. All in all the balance was great on the night there was several fantastic pieces that stood out but now looking through the pictures they sadly are fuzzy, damn the iphone 4.

LouLou Bontemps is a friend of ours and we also were down there to support her new collection. Lou Lou got this kind of right up:

” A collaboration that blends the high street and couture womenswear with customised vintage accessories, to create a timeless style. The collection is inspired by the childhood dressing up box of antique gowns and costume jewellery and the imaginative stories Loulou would create about them. Ranging from contemporary vintage wearable art, to the elegant timeless female statement dress. Loulou Bontemps brings us the style statement of London’s fresh new fashion talent”

She also has her own event this Tuesday called London Fashion, Art & Events:
LFA… is a funky alternative to the ‘rush-hour’ that is London Fashion Week, being held on Tuesday 21st September 2010 at the Institute of Contemporary Arts. This event will showcase some of the best discovered talent that London has to offer and is an extension of  this online boutique, which already supports young designers and gives fashion lovers the opportunity to invest in pieces that are truly unique.

Im gonna have to bring out the camera to make sure I get some good shots this time round, luckily enough was able to find this picture form her collection

Ellie Bastin Photography (view more )

You can get your tickets >> LouLou Bontemps Fashion

But we were luckily introduced to the one and only Mr Ozwald Boateng and was able to have a brief chat to him on fashion and how far it can be taken. It has to be said a man in his element and a very humble individual indeed

We then were situated in the networking section with the likes of Gail Porter, Mr Boateng, A Big Brother contestant but since I dont watch it not sure of her name, Fashion TV’s head scout and Mr Jimmy Choo

Spoke a little english, enough to understand what he was saying lol. I just coincidentally recently blogged about his collaboration with UGG aswell. On to the next event.



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    Congrats on the article, very well written!
    The 4th photo that you publish in this article is actually mine… You can check it out on my website (…
    I appreciate that you chose one of my photos, it’s not a problem, the only thing I would like is to be credited for it, so other people can get to know where the photo came from and if there are others. So if you could please credit the photo to Ellie Bastin Photography, that would be great!
    Thank you very much!

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