Friday Night | G-Shock East Sessions

G-shock East as a store have really been stamping their authority in the EC Central area since only launching just over a month ago. I have personally been a victim twice of going to both launches of their new watches and have ended up purchasing one both times, two the 2nd time round. But not only do they sell or release their watches they make it a vibrant event which includes music, photographers all in all a chilled out session.

Friday 24th September

6pm – Late

Unite 3, Dray Walk , 91 Brick Lane, E1 6QL

Regular host will be Mr Shadez The Misfit himself who has been coming with some real consistancy in his rhymes and records, one to watch at G-Shock this Friday along with Nu Brand & Princess Nyah, who is performing a new track.

The flyer pretty much tells all with again another nice vibrant mixture of music which in turn will bring a nice mixture of indivudals. If you have not been down there you need to get down there, even if you don’t buy anything just for the vibe and chilled people around. I have told the owner my pockets are staying tightly closed this time round I wont be persuaded, although I have to say the Limited Edition Dee and Ricky is fire!


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