London Fashion Week | Day 3 & 4

Ok so as you can see Day 3 & 4 was inbetween our 1st event at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Freemasons Hall ( I know) near Convent Garden. This event was run by Fashion Mode and Toni & Guy for more emerging brands both in the UK and across the World.

It may sound weird to say but it was a good feeling to see a black designer on the catwalk aswell because you may not realise but theres not that many producing garments which are recieved by the BFC (British Fashion Council) which is due to a number of reasons in terms of designs and current fashion statements.

One of the strongest pieces for menswear if you can see, the different patches on the jacket, the material was a crossover between rain jacket material with the inside made from a certain polysterine linen. Comes in different colors aswell. This was an Australian Designer.

This was a sort of trendy dark denim suit with touches of red on the upper blazer and pockets of trousers. Looked like a very nice fit for that casual but smart sophisticated look.

We then were trying to catch up with Vivienne Westwoods Red Label show and again dont rely on the iphone 4 to take images then again im start to assume its me. She has Aston (JLS) and his mrs from the Saturday’s, Frankie, Pamela Anderson was pretty much nearly ran over by the Press outside, Cat Deeley (BBC Presenter) and was just about able to get a pic of Sugababes lead singer, Amelle Berrabah looking very glamourous in I would say a very dominant womans outfit.

Another day were new and interesting people were met and who knows what the future holds for what can be achieved in terms of fashion at VA-G HQ, only time will tell. Lets just say sometimes you dont realise we have so much power withing our hands its just us understanding on how to use it and not abuse it.


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