Footwear | K1 DCAC Patrick Mohr

It was introduced at the famous Mercedes-Benz Week in Berlin in January 2010. K1X, the basketball brand has pulled in Patrick Mohr, the street-fashion designer to re-work on their DCAC sneaker. It is completely crafted in black leather with black laces. The graphical touch given to the sneaker is symbolic of German Patrick Mohr’s handiwork. So, a deviation of endorsement of Ron Artest has resulted in this street-ball sneaker maker to bring out this K1X DCAC Patrick Mohr Edition. Multiple triangular imprints are everywhere to be seen on the upper. It composes of some useful removable parts that can be worn as accessories. The unisex trademark of Mohr is everywhere to be seen on the sneaker. Call it an amulet to the sneaker, it is in fact one, the wooden triangle on the tongue is a distinguishable accessory. But, this is not the most distinct feature.

There is some climbing to be done, not practically, but this additional feature gives a similar sense. The uniqueness of the shoe is squared-off by its innovative leather strap attached to the heel tab and extended tongue. It has multiple uses. You can fix it to the ankle, to the lower leg and if you don’t like both of these utilities then put it on your wrist for some strength and support to the tendon.



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