Branding | Top 20 Coolest Brands 10/11

It always did come to mind if they done something like this especially since there are so many different brands in different industry’s how would this be determined. Well…

The survey was administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis which creates league tables based on the opinions of marketing experts, business professionals and more than 2,100 of the British consumers.

Key factors in the selection process included, style, innovation, desirability and originality

Aston Martin lead the way

Top 20 CoolBrands 2010/2011:

1. Aston Martin Automotive – Cars

2. iPhone  Technology – Telecommunications

3. iPod Technology – General

4. BlackBerry Technology – Telecommunications

5. Bang & Olufsen Technology – General

6. Harley-Davidson Automotive – Motorbikes

7. Nintendo Wii Leisure & Entertainment – Games & Toys

8. Google Online

9. Ferrari Automotive – Cars

10. Dom Perignon Drinks – Champagne

11. BBC iPlayer Online

12. Vivienne Westwood Fashion – Designer

13. Apple Technology – General

14. Tate Modern Leisure & Entertainment – UK Attractions & The Arts

15. YouTube Online

16. Mini Automotive – Cars

17. Chanel Fashion – Designer

18 Ray-Ban Fashion – Accessories, Jewellery, Watches

19 Alexander McQueen Fashion – Designer

20 Jimmy Choo Fashion – Footwear

If you segregate them i,e in terms of number one acessory ‘Ray Ban Fashion’ is overall leading brand, Vivienne Westwood leads the way as top fashion brand and Jimmy Choo as top footwear brand.



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