Fashion | ASOS Hit The USA Market

Say the word Asos to someone either close or even a friend of a friend i gurantee you even if they did not buy something off there recently, they were recently on the site to buy something. Asos is a world full of fashion and good pricing you just cant go wrong with especially for woman.

British success-story Asos has launched a sister site in the USA today.
The online boutique tailored its site for American shoppers with a U.S.-focused homepage, prices in dollars, and no British terminology. Separate sites for France and Germany are also on deck after the U.S. launch.

It’s no wonder the site, which features the hottest trends at completely affordable prices, is branching out to America.

Out of the $331.4 million that Asos made between March 2009 and March 2010, the U.S. accounted for almost 7 percent of those sales, which is more than any other country outside the U.K.

While Asos already has a huge amount of variety — they stock 37,000 styles for men and women, with 1,500 new styles added each week — the U.S. site will add even more options, with a company representative being assigned to scout the U.S. market to focus on homegrown merchandising strategies.



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