Fashion | P Diddy Takes Clothing Into Europe

P. Diddy introduced his Sean John clothing line to the Europe market, and apparently the line got a warm welcome from potential buyers. The move has been planned since three years ago, but had to be delayed due to the economic crisis. Diddy stated:

“We had planned on [bringing the collection to Europe] three years ago but then the recession came and we really wanted to focus on making sure we stayed consistent in the U.S. But right now with what’s going on economically in Europe there’s opportunities, because people still need exciting things going on in their stores to keep people coming in…we feel now the time is right to really start the conversation.”

Diddy and his team showed the upcoming Sean John Spring 2011 collection which consists of men’s sweaters with intarsia military motifs, slim fit men’s jeans in faded khaki washes and silk bomber jackets. The suits produced under license with Peerless included a navy blazer with silver buttons, breaking the stigma that Sean John is full of ‘baggy’ cuts in its designs. Diddy was delighted:

“Almost anyone who has come here today was like, ‘I thought the product would have logos on it, I thought it would be baggy,’ when actually it’s timeless fashion, it has a little aspiration and it’s very clean…it’s great product.”

I have to say having a scout through several sites to find a few pieces he’s not done bad at all. Literally products which are in right now is what he has pushed his direction into rather than as he stated, the expectance of baggy clothes.



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