Last Sunday we were situated @ the Rising Styles Event in E.Central. The day itself was full of activities and entertainment from around the UK, from music to spoken word from some very talented individuals.

Shouts to Treacle Clothing and Nails by Miss Mei, we would all agree the day started off slow but then picked up gradaully being a Sunday it was a goood turn out and our new A10 Release flew off the table, even to the shop keeper down the road, lol (seriously).

The response from new consumers was really good and took to the brands  new designs especially the quality of each piece well. The day ended for us by 8pm it was a long day but all in all worth it as every selling stall event has been this year. We would like to thank Rapscallions Society for having us.

More Stock will be available @ our Online Store 12:10:10 >> It has to be emphasised when these items are gone they are gone. So get building your VA-G winter range from the 12th October!


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