Music | Ludacris Launches ‘Soul by Ludacris’ Headphones

A new trend is looming in celebrity-endorsement deals and for rappers, it’s not anymore clothing, shoes or liquor. Rapper Ludacris is starting his own headphones line, “Soul by Ludacris”, following his predecessors: Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre who came up with their own headphones earlier this year.

Luda launched “Soul by Ludacris” earphones at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta last Sunday, October 3rd and he tweeted to his followers:

“Technology is the future, you gotta have soul.”

The rapper co-designed the sleek black construction earphones and helped with the sound quality by Atlantic Technology. Soul by Ludacris earphones are compatible for iPads, iPods and play CDs and play HD radio. There are three more versions of the headphones that will be released, as well as two models for smaller earbuds.

Music Headphones seem to be the in thing right now in America especially, if you watch some of the latest music videos being made you will so some focus shots on Jay-Z’s Rocawear headphones and other high end brands, latest viewings have been spotted in Ne-yo’s ‘One in a Milion Video’



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