Artist | Ed Sheeran Sporting EXCLUSIVE VA-Gasmask

If you have not yet heard of Ed Sheeran, I can tell you in 2011 he will be what we call the ‘ONE TO WATCH’. His ability to play an acoustic guitar with a sort of country but edgy voice that can be used in so many ways. Edsheeran writes his own lyrics and has collaborated and is in studio with some of UK’S great talents creating his Mixtape which is going to be CRAZY.

The likes of Wiley, Fugative, Sway, Devlin, Griminal, Ghetto, Kano, Klashnekoff, the list is endless. After just finishing going on tour with another great UK talent, Example Ed’s back in the studio creating some real hits.

Killing them on stage @KOKOS, Example Tour

When we first Edsheeran we said to ourselves, “This guy is gonna go further than he thinks” and since then there aint no stopping him on his travels across the UK.

A fan of the brand since we first met, Ed insisted that we get him in some VA-Garments for the tour and more.

Courtesy of sbtv



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