Footwear | Adidas Originals ZX 800 Casual

Adidas keep it continual with their strong footwear collections and bring out another colorway from their ZX 800  Casual Collection.

In this boot-designed collection, you can make your choice from three attractive colors.  The common factor about the designs is the hi heel caps, an essential to incorporate the right look of boots.  The design pattern can bring you the feel of Moccasins, as found in the stitching pattern on the upper portion.  Different stylus is used in these different versions, and they vary in the choice of material as well.  As for example, in the brown colored design, you will get the pure leather cut, whereas in the white version, you will get the mixture of leather and Swede.  In addition, do not forget about the black version, here they have used leather as well, but unlike the other two versions, here you will get the Mesh type material at the base.



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