Music | Jay-Z ‘Decoded’ Pages Found in Gucci

Remember Jay-Z’s scavenger hunt campaign to promote his book, “Decoded”? Pages of the book have been placed in various places deemed meaningful to the hip-hop mogul. To help fans find them, clues are revealed on Jay-Z’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and on a dedicated Bing site. Fans can win prizes for finding them.

And the most recent update of the scavenger hunt is: the latest pages to be revealed were found at the Gucci Fifth Avenue flagship store, printed on the lining of a one-of-a-kind leather bomber jacket designed by creative director, Frida Giannini. If you haven’t checked it out, the display will remain on view until November 16th, when “Decoded” goes on sale. Afterwards, the jacket will be gifted to Jay-Z.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have really been showing the world their creativity in recent weeks and with their aintipated EPIC joint album being recorded as we speak, its frightening to know what they have for us to listen to.



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