Retailer | 5000th Zara Store

Showing off its real aim to embrace the latest eco-trends from top to bottom, from heart to head, Inditex has just opened its 5000th Zara store as the flagship of its 2011-2015 Sustainable Inditex Plan. Inditex new global benchmark in eco- efficiency is housed in the Palazzo Bocconi, a building whose history dates back more than 120 years.

If the Inditex’s Strategic Environmental Plan 2007-2010 achieved various certifications in 3 of its stores including a first of its kind in Europe with Zara Barcelona being awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the new Zara, located at exclusive Via del Corso , reflects the 2011-2015 Sustainable Inditex Plan announced at the company’s most recent Annual General Meeting by the Group’s Deputy Chairman and CEO, Pablo Isla.
This new concept of boutique hides behind a façade that makes use of three key elements: shop windows and geometric composition with big metal and glass squares, and a large-format logo. The new-look shop interior comprises an extensive range of grey tones which contrast with its black furnishings. The sales area is spread over five storeys. The company has indicated that the eco-friendly boutique would not have been possible without the previous experience acquired by Inditex’s team at the Zara Korai store in the Greek capital Athens, the group’s first eco-efficient store, which opened in December 2008.



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