Fashion | Diesel Brand ‘Jogg-Jeans’

Sometimes Im a fan of Diesel other times Im not too blown away by certan products they produce. Looking at these Jogg-Jeans and the material used I can see what they have done but would personally need to see them up close and personal. I can not really make a decsion on them but they look ok.

Have a look

During Bread&Butter Berlin, Italian fashion brand Diesel presented a new model called the Jogg-jeans, which is combination of a sweatpants and jeans. With this new creation Diesel wants to take the everyday comfort of casual wear to the next level by blending it with the latest technology.

Diesel describes the Jogg-jeans as a ‘electrifying new hybrid product range’ that combines denim and sweat fabric. The woven fabric has a jersey feel to it with 360° of elasticity. The rotating weave techniques keep the fabric light and soft. The indigo colouring of the trousers give the illusion of a denim on the outside and sweatlook on the inside.

The Jogg-jeans will be available at Diesel stores across the globe from July 2011 for both men (Krooley) and women (Tintsie).




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