Fashion | Fashion via Facebook? Really!

Well as we all know facebook as a social network has grown over the years very vastly with its ever changing layouts and extra apllications you can do and join. Well now it looks like Facebook want to take one of their current applications to the next level for their fashion retailers.

If you didnt know Facebook already works in conjunction with Facebook Places, which allows users to “check in” to locations using their smartphones to see if anyone else they know is also in the area.

Facebook Deals, which made its debut in the U.S. in November, allows businesses to offer discounts or deals if Facebook users check in at their stores. For example, Gap offered 10.000 pairs of free jeans to the first people arriving in store, and 40% off those who checked in later in the day.

That’s precisely what Facebook Deals are about. With the right promotion, Deals can get people off the street and into stores. Conveniently for Facebook, it also gets them sharing their location with friends, adding yet one more valuable piece of information to the ever-expanding social graph.

The Telegraphy reported; Ian Maude {Head of Internet Enders Anaylsis}


“I think the power of social commerce will be significant and the effect on retail will be in the hundreds of millions of pounds. It is definitely not a gimmick and has the power to transform business at a local level. Although I don’t think new services, such as Facebook Places Deals will fundamentally change people’s buying patterns but it will definitely alter them to some degree.”



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